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2021-04-14 17:33:08


Tip one: Compare the overall strength of the manufacturer. In fact, most customers understand that the comparison of the overall strength of the manufacturer must be carried out first, but it will not be clear which aspect of the overall strength of the manufacturer is to be compared. In fact, it can be independently determined from the operating time, is it independent? Product research and development, is it not the root manufacturer, whether the qualification certificates are all complete and so on. For example, how many old manufacturers about 10 years are more powerful than 1-2 years? How to choose Well established.

Tip two: Compare the full set of fire water monitor system software. This piece is actually a comparison of the quality of the product. Compare each of the main parameters and characteristics of the fire water monitor system software. For example, some fire monitors use imported controller equipment, so the characteristics should be compared with domestic ones. Fire water cannons are higher; likewise, the overall production materials of fire water cannons can be compared to see which one can be more quality and quantity. This key point is compared, and everyone will know which fire cannons can Picked.
Tip three: Compare after-sales maintenance services. Many people think that after-sales maintenance services are not critical? In fact, after-sales maintenance services are still very important in the selection of fire protection equipment, because the middle and late stages of fire protection equipment must be often applied, and if problems arise, there are manufacturers who provide after-sales service. The difference between it and no after-sales service comes out. The former one can quickly find the manufacturer for repairs, and the latter one must be purchased again or paid for repairs. Is the quality clear? The manufacturer also presents after-sales repair services that refund the money if the project acceptance is not based, that is, to provide customers with peace of mind.