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Austrialia hose reel fire hose reel

Place of Origin:Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:CHFIRE
Model Number:CH60-01 fire hose reel
Fixture:swing arm
Fixed Material:brass nozzle
Size:1"x25mtr, 1"x30mtr
Working pressure:8bar
Test Pressure:12bar
Water Inlet Pressure:4bar
Jetting Range:≥6m
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PRODUCTS Description

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Specification of Austrialia hose reel fire hose reel 
Australia fire hose reel is designed for calss A fires, offers an immediate supply of continuous water which will allow you to fight fires quickly. Suitable for combustible solids fires, such as paper, wood, fabric etc. Widely installed in buildings, schools, hotels, meeting room, hospitals, sports arenas, cinemas, warehouse and other commercial, residential, industrial applications. 
Physical Characteristics:
Size Height (mm) Width (mm) Diamteter (mm) Inlet Outlet
19mmx20m 640 180 525 1"BSP 6mm
19mmx30m 640 220 525 1"BSP 6mm
25mmx20m 640 200 550 1"BSP 8mm
25mmx30m 640 250 550 1"BSP 8mm


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