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Balance type foam proportioner device

Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: CHFIRE
Model Number: CH23-01 bladder foam tank
Flow of mixture:12~48L/S to 60~260L/S
Mixing Ratio:3% -6%
Inlet and Outlet:DN100 - DN250
Working Pressure:0.6~1.2 MPa
Pressure drop:≤0.15MPa
Tank Capacity:500L - 15000L
Foam Tank Material:Carbon Steel
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PRODUCTS Description

 We are manufacturer and always supplying Balance type foam proportioner device foam extinguishing system provide foam mixture With Best Price, high quality and regular basis.

Specification of 
Balance type foam proportioner device foam extinguishing system provide foam mixture

This system functions by maintaining a balanced and equal pressure in the foam concentrate and water inlets to the proportioner, allowing the proportioner to be used over a wide range of flows and pressures, and ensuring to form foam mixture at a stable and accurate.

When fire breaks out, fire water flow through proportioner, at the meantime, foam concentrate stored in tank will be pumped out and pressed by the pump. Pressurized concentrate will mix with fire water through proportioner at certain proportion, after automatically accommodated to an equal pressure with fire water by the balanced valve. If pressure is not stable, over-pressure concentrate will be released back to storage tank. The pump can be driven by electric motor, water motor or diesel motor, or you can also combine two of them as the driven system.

This is a new foam supplying device of large or medium fire fighting system, it's applied at petrol and chemical industry, sea ports, oil tanks, airports, offshore platforms etc.

Features and Benefits: 

1. Using SS steel (or GRP, PE) concentrate storage tank with no capsule and work at normal pressure, avoid damaging of capsule and also no cost for pressure container.

2. Suitable for any foam concentrates, FP, AFFF etc.

3. Can be used over a wide range of flows and pressures, ensure accurate proportion of foam solution

4. Allow concentrate refilling during operation

5. Automatic and manual operation, control easily and responds quickly


Storing site: underground garage, aircraft maintenance depot, chemical dangerous goods storage etc.

Warehouse: storage of solid matter, warehouse of flammable liquid etc.

Factory: chemical factory, oil refinery etc. 

Oil: Tank farm, petrol station etc.

Shipping: engine room, pump room, freight house etc.


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