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CHFIRE Cabon Steel Foam Pourer For Foam System

CHFIRE Rim Seal Foam Pourer – consists mainly of Foam Maker, a windshield and an integral deflector. It is designed to deliver fully aspirated foam directly to the annular seal area of open top floating roof tank. The Rim Seal Foam Pourer is used for one of the most common applications of protecting tank seal in vertical liquid storage tank with internal floating roof with low expansion foam system. The application of aspirated foam is on the basis of the risk comprising the area in the annular ring between the rim of the floating roof and the tank shell. The Rim Seal Foam Pourers are widely used with Inline Foam Inductor, Bladder Tank system or Foam tenders.

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PRODUCTS Description


CHFIRE Rimseal Foam Pourer Sets are used for protecting Open Top Floating Roof storage tanks. Consisting
of two elements each set comprises a Foam Generator and a Foam Pourer. The Foam Generator produces
expanded foam and the Pourer assists in developing optimum, uniform, high quality produced foam while
delivering the foam gently down the tank shell into the rimseal area. The Rimseal Pourer has a stainless
steel mesh in the foam discharge exit which prevents nesting birds or insects from blocking the flow.

Model CH22-09A CH22-09B
Main Material carbon steel carbon steel
Inlet Size DN50(2") DN80(3")
Inlet Type Flange Flange
Flange Standard GB/BS4504/ANSI150 GB/BS4504/ANSI150
Application Fire Fighting, Foam System Fire Fighting, Foam System


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