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CHFIRE Fire Water Monitor Manufacturers

Fire monitors use water as a medium to extinguish fires at long distances. Which is suitable for petrochemical enterprises, storage tank areas, hangars, warehouses, ports, docks, garages and other places. It is also an ideal vehicle fire gun for fire engines.

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PRODUCTS Description

CHFIRE PS30-50 fixed manual fire water monitor can be equipped on various fire trucks, fireboats, raised platform fire trucks, fixed fire turrets and fire pipes.

CHFIRE PS30-50 Nozzle is designed with the principle of diversion, with large flow, concentrated water flow and long range. It can be used for DC injection or spray injection. The flow can be adjusted in the range of 1800-2400-3000 LPM according to requirements.

The operation is flexible, convenient, and simple. PS30-50 can be operated with leveling, tilting, and self-locking functions, which is conducive for the operator to evacuate the fire and implement unmanned injection.

Model PS30-50
Working Pressure 0.8Mpa-1.0Mpa
Rotation 360°
Elevate -70° to +70°
Inlet 4” in flange as standard, 3” is also available

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