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CHFIRE Foam Bladder Tank Working Principle

CHFIRE PHYM series Foam Bladder Tank is composed of pressure tank, capsule, proportional mixer, safety valve, check valve, pressure gauge, one-way valve and pipeline. A device that supplies pressure water from a pump and mixes the foam liquid with water in a certain proportion to form a foam mixture. Because the capsule separates the foam liquid from the water, the foam liquid will not be used up and can be used next time, and the mixing accuracy is stable .

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PRODUCTS Description


When the pressure water flows through the proportional mixer, a part of the pressure water (3%-6%) enters the foam liquid storage tank from the branch pipe to squeeze the capsule, and replaces the same amount of foam liquid with another part of the water (97%-94%) in proportion The foam mixture is mixed in the mixer and supplied to the foam generating device to generate air foam for fire extinguishing.

Tank type vertical, horizontal
Foam Ratio 3%-6%
Media Water,Foam,foam mixture,such as AFFF3%
Foam baldder tank volume 500L/1000L/1500L/3000L/4000L.etc
Foam tank material carbon steel
Foam bladder tank accessories Foam tank,ball valve,Foam Capsules


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