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Foam Bladder Tank Installation

CHFIRE Foam Bladder Tank, composed of foam tank, capsule, pressure type proportional mixer, water inlet pipe, safety valve, control valve and some auxiliary parts etc.

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PRODUCTS Description

The mixing device adopts a pressure-type proportional mixing form, which is composed of a diaphragm storage tank, a mixer main pipe, an inlet branch pipe, an outlet branch pipe, an exhaust pipe, a discharge pipe, a pressure gauge, a safety valve and a valve, etc. The diaphragm When the type storage tank is working, the pressure water enters the water cavity from the top of the tank through the water inlet branch pipeline, and after being balanced with the pressure on the main pipeline, the foam liquid in the rubber diaphragm is squeezed out into the proportional mixer and the foam mixture is formed in proportion. The foam mixed liquid is delivered to the foam generator, foam gun, foam monitor or other foam equipment, and the air foam can be used to put out the fires of A, B, and C liquids. The water and foam liquid are not in direct contact during work, and the remaining foam liquid can still be used after each fire extinguishing operation (or after equipment debugging). Since the foam liquid does not directly contact the wall of the storage tank, the corrosion of the metal tank wall by the foam liquid is also reduced and the service life of the foam liquid is prolonged.


When the fire-fighting pressure water enters the equipment, a part of it enters the tank through the water inlet valve, and the foam liquid is pressed out of the liquid outlet line into the proportional mixer and mixed with the pressure water flowing through the proportional mixer to form a foam mixture, which is delivered to Foam generating equipment, produces foam, and performs fire extinguishing work.
Tank type vertical, horizontal
Foam Ratio 3%-6%
Media Water,Foam,foam mixture,such as AFFF3%
Foam baldder tank volume 500L/1000L/1500L/3000L/4000L.etc
Foam tank material carbon steel
Foam bladder tank accessories Foam tank,ball valve,Foam Capsules




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