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Low Expansion Foam Branch Pipe

PQA is one of low expansion foam branch pipes. It’s portable to carry on with a handle. With a long pipe can make the foam concentrate to mix well and reach a best result.


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PRODUCTS Description

This low expansion foam branch pipe-PQA is a portable, lightweight, and stainless steel branch pipe, designed for an optimum combination of foaming and jetting, using all types of foam concentrate. This portable low expansion hand held foam applicator, for coverage of flammable liquid spills or fighting small fires.Made of stainless steel , have long service life.


Nozzle  aluminum alloy
Body  aluminum alloy
Handle  aluminum alloy
Model PQA4 PQA8 PQA16
Flow Range 240lpm 480lpm 960lpm
Jetting Range ≥ 24 meters ≥ 28 meters ≥ 32 meters
Working Pressure 0.7MPA
Foam Expansion ≥ 5 times
Connection Inlet  1.5" or 2.5" BS336
Self Inductor Yes


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