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fire fighting Dual Hand-wheel fire monitor,fire water monitor

1) Aluminum alloy construction (body&nozzle)
2) Triller: SS304 stainless steel 3
3) Adjustment flow 
4) Available for foam and water 
5) 360°rotation,-45°to + 80°Elevate. 
6) Swivel: 4” or 3” BS4504 Flat Flange for inlet 
7) Outle: 2.5”NH (DN65)
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PRODUCTS Description

We are manufacturer and always supplying fire fighting Dual Hand-wheel fire monitor,water cannon With Best Price, high quality and regular basis.

Specification of fire fighting Dual Hand-wheel fire monitor,water cannon
1.Customizable products,Water and foam dual-purpose fire fighting equipment
2.Large flow, flow concentration 
3. Water Fire Monitor Can be installed fire engines, fire boats, large warehouses, entertainment places, cinemas, pavilions, halls and other large space construction sites, flammable and explosive oil irrigation area, oil depots, docks, petrochemical equipment, airports, etc.
Main Features
1) Simple Operation
2) Large Flow, Safety and Reliable
3) Water and Foam dual-purpose Water Fire Monitor
4) High Pressure Water Fire Monitor
5)Suitable for many occasions

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