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foam bladder tank operation manual

CHFIRE PHYML series pressure type proportional mixing device (foam tank) is composed of pressure tank, capsule, proportional mixer, safety valve, exhaust valve, pressure gauge, one-way valve and various control valves and pipelines. A device that supplies pressure water from a pump, replaces the foam liquid in a certain proportion and mixes it with the pressure water to form a foam water mixture. Because the capsule separates the foam liquid from the water, the foam liquid can be used and mixed next time if it is not used up. The accuracy is stable and reliable.

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PRODUCTS Description

CHFIRE Series of Foam Bladder Tanks with normal standard accessories , are supplied as a complete unit with integrated Ratio Controller ,Control Valves, Level Gauge and other necessary accessories fully assembled, for ease of installation at site.Based on the Foam Water Solution flow rate requirement for the hazard areas, different models / sizes of Foam Bladder Tanks are available to meet the various engineering demand.

Working principle: When the pressure water flows through the proportional mixer, a part of the pressure water (3%--6%) enters the foam liquid storage tank from the branch pipe (water inlet pipe) to squeeze the capsule, and replace the same amount of foam liquid from the liquid outlet The discharged water is mixed with another part of the water (97%-94%) in the proportional mixer to form a foamed water mixture and supplied to the foam generator at the end to generate air foam for fire fighting.

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