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foam bladder tank price

CHFIRE series pressure-type proportional mixing device is composed of foam tank, capsule, pressure-type proportional mixer, inlet pipe, outlet pipe, drain valve, drain valve, safety valve and pressure gauge. When pressurized water flows through the proportional mixer of the device, it can automatically mix water and foam liquid in a certain ratio, and output the foam mixture for foam generation and spray equipment to generate air foam for fire fighting.

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PRODUCTS Description

 This device can form a fixed (or semi-fixed) foam fire extinguishing system with fire pump (or fire truck), foam generation and spray equipment (see the figure below). It is widely used in extinguishing Class A (except for liquefied hydrocarbon), Class B and Class C liquid fires. It is the most commonly used fire-fighting equipment in oil depots, solid material warehouses, flammable liquid warehouses, boiler rooms, underground construction projects, cabins, gas stations, chemical plants, hangars, docks, underground garages, and dangerous goods warehouses.

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